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Top 10 Class B RVs in 2022

Posted on February 18, 2022

Top 10 Class B RVs in 2022

This year, team RVezy traveled to some of the biggest RV shows in the U.S. and Canada to discover the latest industry trends and check out the best new RVs for 2022.

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We talked with current and prospective RV owners, met with industry experts, and asked which features people wanted in new Class B motorhomes.

The answer? Flexible living space.

Here are the top 10 Class B RVs for 2022 that feature innovative spaces for both work and play.

  1. Winnebago Travato 59K
  2. Roadtrek Zion Slumber
  3. Coachmen Nova 20RB
  4. Airstream Interstate 24X
  5. Entegra Coach Ethos 20T
  6. Antero Adventure Van Pike's Peak
  7. Pleasure-Way Plateau FL
  8. Storyteller Overland Mode LT
  9. Tiffin Cahaba
  10. Jayco Terrain

Winnebago Travato 59K

Price: $139,500 to $162,000

The Winnebago Travato 59K tops the list as one of the best Class B motorhomes for 2022 because of its flexible living space and off-grid components.

Why the Travato is great for working remotely:

  • The RV features two table mounts that make it quick and easy to convert the front or back sections of the RV from a living space to a workspace using the Lagun tabletop. One mount is located on the front pedestal, and the other is attached to the base of the sleeping area.
  • The passenger chair swivels 180 degrees, and when paired with the front pedestal and tabletop, it becomes a place to work.
  • The front pedestal has a retractable electrical power supply tucked inside, making it easy to charge devices when you're using the front of the RV as a work area.
  • The driver's chair swivels 90 degrees and can be used as a secondary desk area when combined with the slide-out countertop extension.
  • The kitchen counter doubles as a cooking and standing workstation and features the same retractable power supply found inside the front pedestal.
  • The back of the campervan converts from sleeping to living to working space in seconds. Just attach the tabletop to the mount located near the base of the bed, and swivel or adjust the tabletop to the height that works best for you.
  • Charge your devices and stay off the grid for longer using the Pure3 Energy Management System. This energy system combines lithium-ion batteries, solar panels, and an inverter to power everything inside the RV.

Roadtrek Zion Slumber

Price: $167,000 to $176,500

Roadtrek is one of the most respected brands in the RV industry, and the Zion Slumber is a top contender for the best Class B in 2022. The Zion Slumber comes with separate living and dining spaces, making it a popular choice for people who want to work from the road.

Why the Zion Slumber is great for working remotely:

  • This campervan has the optional Lagun Table System with two table mounts, making it easy to switch between a living, sleeping, and working space. One mount is located between the driver and passenger chairs, and the other is located near the sitting and sleeping area.
  • The driver and passenger chairs swivel to face the RV's interior, and when the adjustable table mount is connected, this area transforms into a workstation.
  • Depending on your seating configuration, you can use the convertible tabletop to convert your sitting and sleeping area into a workspace.
  • The kitchen counter and flip-up counter extension can be used as a standing workstation when you're not using the space for cooking.
  • The dual-lithium batteries and inverter help keep your systems and devices operating for longer when you're camping off the grid.
  • The Zion Slumber comes prewired for solar making it easy to add solar panels to your existing lithium battery setup.
  • The coach comes standard with charging ports located strategically throughout the rig.
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Coachmen Nova 20RB

Price: $134,500 to $168,000

Do you want a floor plan that comes with a wet bath in the back of the motorhome and flexible living space? Then, look no further than the Coachmen Nova 20 RB, a Class B rig built with space and comfort in mind.

Why the Nova is great for working remotely:

  • The Nova 20RB comes with two table mounts that make it quick and easy to change the front and back of the RV from a living or sleeping space into a workspace using the Lagun convertible tabletop system.
  • One table mount is located between the driver and passenger seats, which both swivel and transform into a workstation.
  • The second table mount is located near the back and can be used as a surface for working or eating near the twin bed sitting and sleeping area.
  • The Li3 Lithium Battery System has a heated lithium battery, inverter, and charger that will keep your systems and devices working for longer when you're not connected to shore power.
  • Two dual solar panels provide 220 watts of solar power to recharge your battery using the sun.
  • Add the optional SkyPro Wi-Fi Ranger to help boost your cellular signal when working from an area with a weak cell phone signal.

Airstream Interstate 24X

Price: $215,500 to $234,620

While Airstream has a fleet of Class B RVs that could appear on our list of the Best Class B RVs for 2022, we think the Interstate 24X is the best off-road meets luxury RV for digital nomads.

Why the Interstate 24X is great for working remotely:

  • The modular table system with four mounts can help create workspaces inside and outside the RV. Swivel the driver's chair toward the interior, mount the table, and use the space as a desk.
  • The two tables between the convertible seating and sleeping area can be used as a bigger work surface when the bed is put away for the day.
  • Use the mount on the backside of the sink and create a shaded outdoor work surface underneath your awning.
  • Keep your devices charged wherever you sit with the strategically located 110-volt and USB charging ports.
  • The Airstream comes prewired for a 5G antenna, when installed, will help keep you connected while you're on the road.
  • The two deep cycle lithium Battle Born Batteries (LiFePO4), the inverter, and the military-grade solar panels will keep your systems operating and your devices charging while you work off the grid.
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Entegra Coach Ethos 20T

Price: $139,000 to $145,000

The Entegra Coach Ethos 20T brings luxury and comfort to the van life. Built on a Ram Promaster chassis, this Class B will take you from an RV resort to a secluded campsite and not skip a beat.

Why the Ethos is great for working remotely:

  • The Ethos features a convertible driving, living, and working space. Swivel the passenger chair to face the interior of the RV and use the expandable table located near the entry door for a workstation.
  • Choose your comfort level and sit or sleep in the living/sleeping space. The twin beds convert quickly into a couch, so it's easy to put away your bed and transform your campervan from night into day mode in minutes.
  • The rooftop Winegard Connect 2.0 extends the campground's Wi-Fi signal and connects to 4G cellular service, so you'll have more choices for internet access on the go.
  • The coach has several charging ports installed in easy-to-reach places, like the kitchen pop-up outlet with 110 and USB ports.
  • Camp without hooking up to shore power with the two AGM batteries, roof-mounted solar panel, inverter, and a gas-powered generator.

Antero Adventure Van Pike's Peak

Price: $159,995 to $163,000

The Antero Adventure Van Pike's Peak is an off-road campervan made for adventure, no matter where you want to take it. The Pike's Peak comes with a Ford Transit chassis with all-wheel drive, so you can take it from the highway onto more rugged terrain without skipping a beat.

Why the Pike's Peak is great for working remotely:

  • The dual lithium battery power package with inverter and converter supplies power to the 110-volt, 12-volt, and USB ports throughout the campervan.
  • The rooftop solar panels use the sun to replenish the lithium battery power package so you can live off the grid for longer without connecting to shore power.
  • Several smart, multi-purpose storage bays located throughout the van serve as a secure spot to store your work devices when you're not using them.
  • The DayDreamer multi-function bed is lightweight and converts from a sleeping space to an eating or working space in seconds.
  • The pivoting driver and passenger chairs are comfortable for long drives or relaxing and working inside the RV when it's parked.
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Pleasure-Way Plateau FL

Price: $165,685 to $183,500

The interior details and finishes on every Pleasure-Way motorhome are second-to-none, so it's no surprise that the Plateau FL is one of the best Class B RVs for 2022. The Plateau FL has a unique floor plan because it has two flexible living and working spaces inside.

Why the Plateau is great for working remotely:

  • A hidden compartment in the dashboard houses USB charging ports and a wireless phone charging station, and the coach has several 12-volt, USB, and 110-volt power outlets throughout the unit.
  • The driver's chair swivels to face a built-in desk and cabinet area featuring a smart TV, USB ports, and two 110-volt power outlets. The front living space also has a dedicated table mount for the Lagun tabletop system.
  • Depending on your configuration, you can use the bedroom as a flexible living and sleeping space. For daytime, use the sofa and ottoman with the bedroom Lagun table mount for a workspace. At night, stow the tabletop and push a button to convert the sofa into a queen bed for sleeping.
  • The counters in the kitchen can double as a standing workstation when the sink covers are in place.
  • The motorhome comes with lithium-ion batteries that charge using the rooftop solar panel or 30-amp electrical shore power.
  • The 2,000-watt inverter conveniently powers devices like the television and a laptop computer without the need for shore power.

Storyteller Overland Mode LT

Price: $153,750 to $160,000

Want something a little more rugged? The Storyteller Overland Mode LT is an overlander's and boondocker's best friend. But don't let the simple components keep you from considering the Overland Storyteller Class B because this rig is anything BUT basic.

Why the Mode is great for working remotely:

  • Got devices? The campervan comes with eight 110 volt outlets, six USB ports, and three 12-volt outlets located throughout the campervan.
  • The flip-down table can be used as a multi-purpose surface for working or cooking outdoors.
  • The GrooveLounge is the epitome of flexible living space because it functions as seating, a bed, and a workstation all in one spot. Just swivel the adjustable table to a comfortable height, and you can work in whatever position feels most comfortable.
  • The power system makes it easy to stay off the grid and comes with a lithium battery, inverter, and solar.
  • The rugged roof deck houses 90 watts of rooftop solar expandable up to 600 watts.
  • Transform the back of the van from a garage to a sleeping area to a standing workstation using the extendable table feature.

Tiffin Cahaba

Price: $205,000 to $208,000

The Tiffin Cahaba is a luxury-meets-off-road Class B motorhome. The Cahaba is built on a Sprinter 4x4 chassis, which means you'll have the power to go where you want to go, whether you're boondocking or camping in a traditional campground.

Why the Cahaba is great for working remotely:

  • The area behind the driver's side seat becomes a multi-use workspace. To use the workspace, swivel the driver's chair 180 degrees to face the inside of the campervan.
  • The workspace has two 110-volt power outlets that operate on the inverter, which means you can work and charge your devices without connecting to shore power.
  • The Volta Power System uses lithium-ion energy to power the coach off the grid.
  • Three rooftop solar panels use the sun to recharge the system when it's not plugged into shore power.
  • The kitchen countertop can convert into a usable workspace when placing the covers over the induction cooktop and sink.
  • The flat, pull-out drawers under the bench/bed area make an excellent place for storing a laptop or other small office components.
  • A hidden compartment in the dashboard houses USB charging ports and a wireless phone charging station, and the coach has several 12-volt, USB, and 110-volt power outlets throughout the unit.
  • Optional third-party wireless internet options are available and accessible through the dashboard entertainment system.

Jayco Terrain

Price: $192,000 to $198,000

The Jayco Terrain blends functionality and fun. The exterior's different color schemes and patterns help campers blend in with the landscape and stand out in the crowd.

Why the Terrain is great for working remotely:

  • The wireless smartphone charging station, located in the cockpit, eliminates the need for extra charging cables, which means you'll have more space for other types of storage.
  • Swivel the heated captain's chairs toward the RV's interior for an additional place to sit and relax once you're done driving for the day.
  • The convertible and pull-out tables create more flexible work surfaces throughout the campervan. On the inside, extend the kitchen counter and use the extra space as a stand-up desk, or sit and work using the flip-up dinette table located near the center of the RV.
  • Wherever you sit or stand, you'll be able to power your devices. The van has several USB and 110-volt power outlets located throughout the inside and outside of the RV.
  • Prefer to camp without hookups? Avoid shore power for longer and keep everything running with the lithium battery, inverter, and roof-mounted solar panels.

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