Camping Essentials Packing List [Tent and RV Camping]

Posted on June 19, 2024

Camping Essentials Packing List [Tent and RV Camping]

Going camping?

This comprehensive list covers everything from tent camping necessities to RV-specific items.

We've divided our list into several sections and added links to some of our favorite RV and tent camping essentials to help you shop for the camping essentials you might want or need.

These lists will help you plan and pack for your next camping trip efficiently so that you can focus on what's important — enjoying the camping lifestyle to the fullest.

Let's get started!

Table of contents

  1. Tent camping essentials
  2. Tent camping kitchen essentials
  3. Tent camping cleaning supplies
  4. RV essentials
  5. RV campground essentials
  6. RV kitchen essentials
  7. RV cleaning supplies
  8. RV linens and bedding
  9. RV and tent camping tools
  10. Documentation
  11. Safety
  12. Pets
  13. Health and hygiene
  14. Personal items
  15. Fun/extras/entertainment
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Edit, download, or print the tent-camping packing checklist.

Tent camping essentials

When gearing up for your tent camping adventure, having the right essentials can make the difference between a fun and rough trip. From tents to sleeping bags, here's your go-to list for must-have camping gear.


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Tent camping kitchen essentials

Cooking while camping requires some planning, even if you just plan to eat dehydrated camping meals and small snacks. The following campground kitchen essentials will help you be ready when it's time to prepare and cook your meals while camping.

Large spoon, spatula, and tongs
Salt and pepper
Potholder and trivet

Many campgrounds have potable water and sell basic camping supplies like ice. Want to save a little space in your car? Check to see which amenities the campground sells or makes available to campers, and bring refillable water containers and water bottles instead of single-use plastic water jugs.


Steak knives

Tent camping cleaning supplies

Whether you're camping in a campground or a designated site on public lands, you must leave your campsite cleaner than you found it. That means packing in and packing out any of the items you brought with you and the trash you accumulated during your stay. The following cleaning supplies will help you keep your tent, cookware, and personal items clean and your campsite cleaner than you found it.

Hand sanitizer
Disinfectant wipes
Paper towels

Edit, download, or print the RV-camping packing checklist.

RV essentials

Packing for an RV trip? This list will help you know what to pack, from basic tools to comfort-enhancing gadgets, to ensure you have the essential items you'll need to enhance your road-trip experience.

30- or 50-amp power cord
Road atlas or maps


Interior rugs (non-slip/washable)
Privacy shades or blinds (interior and exterior)

RV campground essentials

Arriving at a campground with your RV means more than just parking. Here's a rundown of the essentials you'll need to set up a cozy and efficient campsite. Since RV and tent camping are similar to the outdoor setup, check out the tent camping essentials list, too.

Firewood and fuel



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RV kitchen essentials

Cooking in an RV can be just like cooking in a traditional kitchen. This list isn't all-inclusive, but it will give you a jump start on what items you'll need to pack so you'll have the basics of what you'll need to cook while you're on the road or in a campground.

Pot holders/trivets/placemats
Eating utensils
Steak knives
Cooking utensils
Salt + pepper (seasoning)


Did you know that coolers need bolts or padlocks to be bear-resistant? Visit the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee to learn which coolers and bear-resistant products it tests and approves as bear-proof or bear-resistant.

RV cleaning supplies

Maintaining cleanliness in your RV is key to a pleasant trip, whether you're renting an RV or taking your own rig on a camping trip. These cleaning supplies will help keep your space tidy, fresh, and ready for the next adventure.

Want to know more about cleaning your RV? Visit How to Clean Your RV Like a Pro for cleaning tips and tricks.

RV linens and bedding

Here are some must-have linens and bedding items that will help make your RV feel like home.

RV mattress cover
RV mattress topper
Duvet, blankets, and throws
Pillows with extra cases
Sheet sets
Bath towels
Hand towels
Extra towels for wet feet, shoes, or other messes

RV and tent camping tools

Be prepared for any situation with these essential RV and tent camping tools. From multi-tools to repair kits, these items are lifesavers for unexpected moments.

Duct tape
Spare batteries
Command hooks (assortment)
EternaBond tape, plumber’s tape, and electrical tape
Spray lubricant (WD-40)
Spare bulbs, hoses, assorted screws, and other commonly replaced parts
DEF fluid (for diesel engine tow vehicles and motorhomes)
Windshield wiper fluid


Want to know what you need to bring on your camping adventure to ensure you’re covered for almost any situation? This RV and tent camping packing list will help get you started!

Travel itinerary with emergency contact list for family members and friends
RV owner’s manual plus appliance, equipment, and warranty manuals
Tow vehicle registration
Tow vehicle proof of insurance
RV registration
RV proof of insurance
Roadside assistance contact information
Rental agreement (if you're renting an RV)
Letter of travel (if you're renting an RV and traveling out of the country)
Picture of license plates
Reservation confirmations for RV parks, campgrounds, or resorts
Park passes
Parking permits
Fishing or hunting permits


Safety first! Equip yourself with these essential safety items to protect you and your family while enjoying the great outdoors.

Spare set of keys


Bringing your furry friend along for the adventure? Ensure their comfort and safety with these must-have pet camping essentials.

Vet records
Pet medication
Grooming supplies
Harness and leash
Crate or seat restraint
Tie out or fencing
Water and food dishes
Food and treats
Foldable/stuffable dog bed
Quick-dry towels
Poop bags

Taking your pet camping? We go into details about camping with pets in The Pros and Cons of RVing with Pets and The Best Mods and Add-Ons to Create a Pet-Friendly RV.

Health and hygiene

Packing for a trip is generally a personal experience since everyone wants or needs different things to feel comfortable and clean while traveling. Use this list as a jumping-off point to help get you ready for a camping trip.

Flip flops or shower shoes
Quarters/cash for pay showers
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Shampoo and conditioner
Razor and shaving cream
Body and face soap
Bug spray
Female products
RV safe toilet paper
Medications and prescriptions
Contact lens supplies/eyeglasses
Pain relievers
Itch relief cream
Vitamins or supplements


Quick-dry soap holder
Lip balm
Body lotion
Hand sanitizer
Ear plugs
Eye shades
Hair dryer
Hair ties

Personal items

Don’t forget these personal items to make your camping trip more comfortable and enjoyable. From clothing to toiletries, this list is an excellent place to start when you're ready to pack for a camping trip.

Driver's license
Cash for tolls, parking fees, and emergencies
Credit cards
Health insurance cards
Medical history and allergy information
Prescription information
Cell phone charger
Prescription contacts and glasses
Sun hat
Indoor/outdoor slip-on shoes
Hiking boots or water shoes
SPF clothing or mosquito-repellent shirts
Cold weather gear (jacket, hat, gloves)
Rain gear (raincoat, umbrella, water-resistant shoes)


Check out these extras that will enhance your entertainment and ensure you make the most out of your camping experience.

GPS device for driving
Camera equipment
Metal detector
Navigation tools
Field guides
Hiking poles
Day pack
Urinary products for females
Solar charging station
Cards or games
Small sewing kit
Bikes (helmets, locks, and pump)
Portable speaker
Kayaks or paddleboards
Battery or USB-powered fan
Outdoor games
Deck of cards
National park passport book
Notepad or journal and pens


Preparing for a camping trip, whether in a tent or an RV, can seem daunting. However, with our comprehensive packing list, you'll be well on your way to a memorable and enjoyable experience in the great outdoors.

Now, you can focus on what's truly important — making lasting memories and embracing the camping lifestyle with friends and family.

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This post contains affiliate links. Learn more and read our full disclosure policy here.
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